Beard Oil: What Does It Do and Which One Should I Be Using?

\In this edition of #BarberTalk by New York Barbers, we talk about Beard Oil. What does Beard Oil do, why you need it to maintain a healthy beard and how to use it.

With many guys rocking a beard nowadays and so many beard oils on the market as well as other beard products, we are going to explain what it actually does for your beard and the best beard oil to use!

What does beard oil do?

Beard Oil provides multi-benefits for your beard. 

Hydrates Your Skin Underneath The Beard. 

The skin underneath your facial hair is just as important as the beard itself! The beard oil will keep your skin hydrated and prevent it from becoming dry and developing Beard Dandruff, aka ‘Beard-druff’! The beard oil also aids with an itchy beard, especially while you are in the process of growing.

Conditions and Adds Shine to the Beard Itself.

Beard Oil will help to soften your beard hairs and make them smooth. If you have a longer beard it will make it easier to comb/brush your beard and the added shine will make your beard look healthier as well. Beard Oil also acts like a styling serum that pats down the flyaway hairs!

Beard Oil Acts as a Cologne.

Most beard oils have a particular masculine scent to them which acts like a natural cologne that lasts throughout the day. The Proraso Beard Oil Range has 4 different scents to choose from. Wood & Spice (Most Popular), Azur Lime, Cypress & Vetyver and Refreshing Eucalyptus. We will go into more detail on these scents further below.

How to Use Beard Oil?

Beard Oil is quite straight forward to use. Less is more with beard oil, depending on how big/long your beard is. You don't want to put too much and over saturate the beard and you also want the bottle to last as long as possible.

2-4 drops should be enough, depending on if you feel you want a bit more moisture or you have a very dry beard.

Apply beard oil after a shower, when your pores are open and the beard oil can be easily absorbed into your skin. If you shower at night, put some in then but also in the morning as well to keep your beard on point and hydrated during the day!

To apply beard oil, put 2-4 drops in your hand, rub together and then apply to your face and beard. Ensure to massage the skin underneath and run your fingers through your beard to evenly disperse the beard oil. For longer beards, a beard brush or comb works really well to straighten the beard out.

Can I use beard oil on Shorter Beards and If I am still growing my beard?

Yes, definitely! You don’t need a big beard to use beard oil. Like we mentioned before, one of the main benefits of beard oil is it’s hydration capabilities for your skin and hair follicles. You can still get itchy and have dry skin with a short-kept beard, especially while you are trying to grow it. Beard oil will moisturize and hydrate your skin, aid the itchiness and keep your hair healthy with the added benefit of beard oil being a natural cologne!

Which beard oil is right for me?

With so many Beard Oils out there, it can be difficult to choose!

Here at New York Barbers, we keep it simple and can’t go past the Proraso Beard Oil range.

Proraso is an elite brand in the shaving and beard market. Founded in 1908, in Florence, Italy, Proraso was one of the very first shaving brands. Their knowledge about skin, shaving and beards is second to none, used in barbershops all around the world.

You can find all of these Proraso Beard Oils available Online here on our website, as well as In-Store at 30 Adams Lane, Berwick VIC 3806.



Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this week's edition of #BarberTalk and now fully understand what Beard Oil is and what it can do for you.

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