BLENDS OF MANY: Strength, Balance, Style and Comfort.

We are super excited to be showcasing a brand new men’s haircare range now available at New York Barbers, created by Italian haircare brand Alfaparf Milano. It is called: BLENDS OF MANY_

In this weeks edition of #BarberTalk by New York Barbers, we are going to dive into this simple, yet effective men’s haircare range and how it benefits (and it really does) your hair with it’s features like Urban Defence Pro and active ingredients such as Black Tea.  

“BLENDS OF MANY_. is a blend of many different elements: the men at whom the range is aimed, their unique original stories, the products which provide real solutions to men’s contemporary grooming needs.” -Alfaparf Milano

BLENDS OF MANY_  sets it's theme based on “4 true stories, 4 men with their individual stories, unique and genuine.”

The values of BLENDS OF MANY_ provide the essential ingredients for men’s grooming:

Strength, Balance, Style and Comfort.

Discover The Products:

What we love about the BLENDS OF MANY_ range is that it’s straightforward and to the point. In fact, it is small enough to fit into this one blog without it dragging on for too long and this is a good thing!

Since it is a small range, each product is packed with great formulas serving multiple purposes to suit most men’s hair needs. For example: BLENDS OF MANY_ contains two shampoos. Each their own benefits (which we explain further down) depending on your hair for your hair, but NO conditioner. Why? Well at the end of the day, not many men really need conditioner unless you have longer hair when you think about it. The BLENDS OF MANY_ shampoos have qualities in them that offer a soft feel to the hair without using conditioner.

It is one less product you need to buy.

The range also consists of a Hair Tonic, Energising Lotion, Matte Paste, Extra Strong Gel and a Beard + Skin Balm. Keep reading as we explain the features and benefits of each one.

Active Ingredients:

Discover The Products

To Balance:

Rebalancing Low Shampoo 

Gentle rebalancing shampoo. Cleanses the scalp deep down, treating dandruff and excess sebum. Sulfate Free.

Rebalancing Tonic

The Rebalancing Tonic is a leave-in tonic that restores and rebalances, returning the scalp to optimum conditions giving an amazing scent to the scalp and hair.

Get the full Rebalancing Effect and results, we recommend to use the Rebalancing Shampoo along with the Rebalancing Tonic. 

Results of the Rebalancing Range (using both products):  87% of participants report a reduction in dandruff from the first application. 93% of participants report a reduction in sebum from the first application.

Both the Rebalancing Shampoo and Tonic contain the Double Reset System, The perfect blend of anti-microbial, biotechnological ingredients including B group vitamins and amino acids.

This is a unique blend which acts to regulate hyperactivity of sebaceous glands, which is the cause of dandruff and an oily scalp.


AntibacterialSebum regulating balances the scalp

To Strengthen:

Energising Low Shampoo

Gentle energizing shampoo. Cleanses the scalp deep down and revitalizes the hair. 

Recommended for thin/thinning hair to energize the scalp to help in thickening the hair that is present. 

Energizing Lotion

An intensive treatment for weakened hair. Encourages hair growth, boosting thickness and volume.

The Energizing lotion comes in a box set of 12 Individual vials, in which you will get on average 2 uses out of each vial, depending on how much hair.

Recommended for thin/thinning hair to energize the scalp to help in thickening the hair that is present.

The Energizing range contains a concentrated mix of marine microalga proven to stimulate the hair follicoles, that extend the hair's growth phase and slows down the thinning process, leaving the hair thick and strong. Using algae from bio-sustainable , renewable sources.


Help treats hair lossStrengthens hair follicles

Results of the Energizing Range (using both products):

Hair became 5 times stronger and 11% thicker. 

For best results, pair the Energizing Shampoo with the Energizing Lotion.

To Style:

Extra Strong Gel

Extra strong gel for ultimate styling control. Offering a more wet/shiny look vs the natural matte effect of the matte paste we explain below.

Emphasis on the EXTRA. This is a strong gel, a little goes a long way!

Matte Paste

Medium - hold matte paste which can be used on short or longer hair to gives the hair structure and definition.

To Comfort:

Beard and Skin Balm

Softens the beard and hydrates the skin without leaving it oily. Can be used just on skin as a moisturiser even without a beard, it is a great product to aid in hydrating the skin.


Results of the Beard and Skin Balm:

+16% facial moisturising* immediately. Softer beard in 90%**of men.

*Clinical-instrumental tests 1 hour after using the product.

**Clinical-instrumental tests after 7 days of product use. 


Thanks for reading another edition of #BarberTalk by New York Barbers.

You will find the BLENDS OF MANY_ range available on our website or In-Store at New York Barbers. 

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