Coronavirus: Is your Beard putting you at risk?

With the coronavirus making headlines across the globe, there are many claims as to what you can do to prevent your risk of catching the virus.

Is one of them to shave off your beard?

According to some health experts, a beard can possibly make you more subject to catching a virus.

Being men’s grooming experts here at New York Barbers in Berwick, we thought we should weigh in on this claim.

Will having a beard increase your chance of contracting the Coronavirus?

Short Answer: No, it will not.

Yes, generally beards (more so bigger, longer beards) can hold more pollutants and germs versus a short beard or being clean-shaven. So, because of this reason we always recommend keeping your beard clean and well maintained. Your beard is like a filter, so it can collect germs, dust, and pollutants in the air. With the current virus events, it is definitely a good idea to be on top of keeping your beard clean.

If your beard collects germs, doesn’t that mean it can increase your chance of contracting the virus?

The thing is, if you came in close enough contact with someone/something that could give you the virus, your chances of contracting it are the same whether you have a beard or you are clean-shaven. Neither one can or will protect you from it.

The only reason a beard may assist in catching the virus is the issue with masks and respirators not being able to properly fit over the face.

The infographic below, from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates how different beard styles can prevent face masks and respirators from sealing properly against the face.

Some staff at hospitals have been asked to consider shaving their beard for this reason.

Nurses at a hospital in Southampton in England have been asked to consider shaving their beards off to ensure they are properly protected by masks.

Obviously having a short beard or being clean-shaven will allow a mask to fit better over your face compared to a big beard. But on the other hand, that really only matters if you NEED to wear a mask.

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