Getting A Haircut That Suits Your Job

Lately, we have really been trying to push in educating men on how they can have a haircut that suits them and their hair better.

Unfortunately - and not to the knowledge of many men, something we see a lot of is gentleman getting haircuts that do not necessarily suit their job/career.

In Particular, those who wear a suit to work, or a shirt. Basically, anyone in a ‘professional setting’.

However, we feel that the recommendations we are about to give you not only are better for those in a ‘professional’ job setting, but anyone – and we will explain why in this blog.

In this weeks edition of #BarberTalk, we are going to tell you the 3 main points you should consider when changing to a more professional cut and the alternative to them.

Ditch the Line

The part, hard part, razor part, shaved in part, shaved line, whatever you like to call it.

It’s time is over. It has cemented it’s place as a cool kids haircut, no longer a 30 year old real estate agents haircut.


It grows out too quick. Most clients are lucky to get a week out of their line until it doesn’t look very sharp. Typically, the shaved in line also means having whatever side that line is on shaved all the way up to that line, with the other side blended. (Undercut One Side, Blended The other)This makes the haircut un-balanced by default. Which is ok if it’s the look you’re going for, but we think in a professional setting, there are more balanced options such a blending it on both sides.

A shaved line can get pushed up higher and higher each haircut. It is one of those inevitable things that happens when shaving it in. When we use the trimmer to shave it in, hairs from the top can get caught in the line. At first you don’t notice but after a while that line can creep it’s way up!

The Alternative:

Stop getting the line and ask for it to be blended in instead, or opt for a natural parting (not shaved in). It may take a couple of haircuts for it to completely blend in - but once it is, you’re good to go.

You will notice your haircut have a much better shape to it and it will last you longer as you won’t have any line that grows out in a week!

Also, when you part your hair naturally without shaving a line in, it allows you to wear it without a part if you want, and the hair will still be blended because it is not 'permanently' shaved in. 

Pay attention to celebrity hair trends and you will see a lot of them don't shave a line in. This is why! 

If you absolutely HAVE to have a line, you can try and blend the side into the part line instead of shave it all the way up. At least this way you will get a much better shape out of your haircut and it makes it look more professional.

At the end of the day, it's your hair and your choice. We are not saying to not get it - just recommending some other options. 

Ditch the Undercut

An undercut is when the hair is shaved all the way up around the sides and back and the top is longer and hangs over.

Like we mentioned above, you can have an undercut on one side and blend the other, but a proper undercut is all the way around.

Why Ditch The Undercut?

 Just like the line – the undercut has been overdone. Every man and his dog has one!

Although it is ‘trendy’, there is not much shape to this haircut. The hair on top just hangs over because it has nothing underneath to support it.

It is not the most professional-looking haircut either due to not much shape from the haircut not being blended in. The back/crown area suffers from this the most, and if the hair is not long enough it can stick up. By taking it shorter and blending it in, it will help eliminate this.

Because there is no blending, the undercut tends to stick out a lot on the sides when it starts to grow, whereas a blended haircut hides this a little bit as it is more graduated.

The Alternative:

Simple: Blend It In!

Once again similar to having the line, the undercut will probably take a little bit longer to blend in (depending on how you want your hair on top and how often you get it cut) because it has been cut all the way up on both sides + the back all this time, but within a few haircuts it will blend in.

Your haircut will have a much better shape and overall professional look, but again, at the end of the day it's your hair and your choice. We are not saying not to get it - just recommending some possibly better options. 

Ditch the Skin Fade

Yes, this may hurt some people who love their skin fades. As cool and fresh as it may look, the reality is that for a lot of people this is actually not always the haircut to go for, especially for a professional environment.

As the name suggests, the skin fade is a fade that starts at bare skin and fades up.

Don’t worry- you can still go for a fade. We just recommend not always as short as skin.


Skin Fades do not last long at all and grow out too quickly. It is only a day or two before the Skin part of the fade starts to grow and then it is technically no longer a “Skin Fade”. And not long after the hair quickly looses the fade effect. It requires the most maintenance to keep it fresh compared to any haircut we do!

A Skin Fade doesn’t suit everyone’s hair type and can be difficult to achieve a ‘flawless fade’ on. Sometimes by starting the fade at a Zero, 0.5 or 1 helps in achieving a cleaner, longer-lasting fade!

The scalp’s condition also plays a role in this as the skin fade exposes the scalp (bare skin) so if a client has dry skin/scalp and dandruff or other skin conditions, the skin fade just exposes this even more.

A skin fade is a pretty ‘severe’ haircut for a professional setting as well. That’s why starting the fade from a 0.5 or 1 helps in achieving a fade that is not too 'full on' and bring too much attention in a professional office setting but is also a cleaner, longer-lasting fade as we mentioned above!

Once again, you will notice no celebrities or people on TV  & movies have a Skin Fade - and this is why! 

The Alternative:

Start your fade from a Zero, 0.5 or 1.

If you insist on the skin fade, try having the sides blended in instead of a shaved in part or undercut for a more professional, longer-lasting haircut.

What Problems These Styles Have In Common?

Did you notice any similarities from the haircuts above and why we are recommending you give something else a go?

  • Everyone has the same haircut – switch it up!

  • They grow out to quick

  • Require More maintenance to keep them fresh

  • Don’t always suit the professional environment

  • Celebrities and people on TV do not have these haircuts. Why? -Maintenance, and making sure the hair frames your face and face shape better! 

The KEY thing to remember: These are all ‘trendy’ haircuts. They may be trendy but trendy does not always suit everyone and their hair as well as their job! – Remember this!

What We Recommend:

Below are a few other hairstyles we recommend, as well as all the ones recommended above. These all look great and are fashionable, but will last you longer but more importantly look better for longer without as much maintenance to keep them looking fresh.

Head to our Instagram - @newyorkbarbers to find more of our recommended hair styles! 

They are versatile and can be styled in different ways for more formal or casual environments and have a great masculine shape to them as they are blended in, allowing for a more square shape – how a mens haircut should be.

Thanks for reading! Don’t be discouraged – here at New York Barbers we are happy to give you whichever haircut you desire. We are not here to tell what you can and can’t have. But we also want to recommend some different (and in some cases better) options for you, your hair and the job environment you may be in!

Keep up to date with us on our social’s below – we are always posting new content to help with your hair and give style inspiration!  



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