How Often Should Men Wash Their Hair?

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This week we are on the topic of Hair, in particular how often you should be washing it.

Every Day? Once a week? Twice a week? Every second day?

There is no set rule to how often you should be washing your hair. However, there is an in-between area. You don’t want to wash your hair too often but also not leave it too long in between washing. Both can have long term effects on your hair, and not in a good way.

What Happens If I Wash My Hair Too Often?

Too often would be washing your hair every day. When you wash your hair every day, you are stripping your hair of its natural oils and drying out your scalp. Everyone is different, some men have dryer scalps than others, and some have more naturally oily hair than others. But for the most part, stripping your hair every single day of these important oils and moisture will actually have a negative effect long term.


Dry Scalp

Nobody wants a dry scalp. A dry scalp can lead to itchiness which then leads to dandruff. The idea is to have your hair clean, right? Not full of dandruff because you have dried out your poor scalp!

Lifeless Hair

From your dry scalp then comes the hair itself being dry. Over time it will lose its natural moisture, becoming dry and lifeless. – Not Healthy! It will look dull and flat. No Volume, No Movement, Nothing. This will especially effect those who have longer hair or longer hair on top they like to style.

What Happens If I Don’t Wash It Often Enough?

If you leave your hair too long in between washing with shampoo, your scalp will build up with too much sebum (oil) which will make your hair quite greasy and oily, and not to forget – smell a little!

Not washing often can lead to an overgrowth of yeast that naturally lives on the skin, resulting in dandruff. 

Ok, So How Often Should I Be Washing My Hair?

On average for most guys, every two to three days is perfect. This allows your hair and scalp to benefit from the natural oils and moisture it produces, but not get too oily/dirty.

You will find that when you wash less often, (every 2-3 days) your hair will be easier to style. This is due to the natural oils and moisture that will hold your hair up and in place.

Also Consider:  


Something to also keep in mind is how often/much you have been sweating. If you have done exercise and sweated a lot from that workout, is advisable to wash your hair on those days. If it is every day, you can rinse your hair with water without using shampoo. This should remove sweat from your scalp and then you can wash your hair every other day.

Thin Hair

Thin hair unfortunately doesn’t hold volume or texture for long periods of time, because fine hair has less density to it and is not as thick, therefore can get dirtier, quicker. This is due to everyday air pollution having easy access to the scalp and hair.

It is good to wash thin hair every other day so it stays clean, but keeps its volume. Natural Oils tend to weight thin hair down, so by washing it more often it will actually appear thicker with more volume.

Thick Hair

Compared to Fine Hair, Thick Hair tends to stay cleaner for longer!

People with thick hair can go about 3 days between shampooing. However this depends how oily your scalp gets. Oilier Scalps can be washed more often (every other day). 

Hair Washing Based on Your Scalp

How Your Scalp naturally produces oils/moisture or does not is also a good indicator of how often you should be washing your hair.

Dry Scalp/Hair: If you have a dry scalp and dry hair, it is best to leave at least two days in between washing, but wash your hair at least twice a week. Shampoo strips the scalp of its natural oils when you shampoo every day, and this can be a contributing factor to having dry hair and scalp.

Oily Hair: Naturally, some people produce more Sebum (natural oils) from their scalp. These oils will travel faster down the hair strand if you have fine or straight hair. Typically, those with oilier hair can wash their hair more often as it will not dry out as much. This can be every second day, depending on your hair and how oily it is. 


Thank You for reading this weeks edition of #BarberTalk! We hope you got a good insight into How Often You Should Be Washing Your Hair to ensure your hair is clean and healthy.

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