How To Look Like Ragnar From Vikings

Ragnar Lothbrok (or Lodbrok) is one of the most popular and main characters in the TV Show Series “Vikings”.

Ragnar was also a real person. He was a Norse Viking and king of Denmark and Sweden, during the 9th century.

On the show ‘Vikings’, Ragnar’s signature look sporting a rugged beard and his hair cut in an undercut with a long, braided man bun has become a popular style for fans of the show as well as those who don’t watch it! Ragnar also sports shorter haircuts in the show, which we will also go over as well.

In this weeks edition of #BarberTalk, we are going to discuss the  Ragnar style and what to ask your barber so you can be on your way to the same style as Ragnar!


The main feature of Ragnar’s hairstyle would have to be the undercut on the sides and back. This means it is shaved all the way up to where the long hair on top starts, with no blending (disconnection). Just Blunt, Start/Stop. This is what gives the hairstyle it’s tough, Viking-type look.

What makes it even tougher? It exposes any tattoos that may be on the scalp (not a surprise these days) and Ragnar also has tattoos on his scalp throughout the series. Tough.

In the show the sides are shaved to the skin, but it can be worn with a zero or 0.5 length on the sides and still have the same effect.

For the top, Ragnar has lots of length on the top that is braided. Now, we are pretty sure this is aided by hair extensions for TV purposes, however can still easily be achieved by letting the hair grow on top. If the hair is long enough to tie in a ponytail, then it should be long enough to braid.

Alternatively, the hair on top doesn’t have to be braided, it could be just tied up in the man bun.

What Do I Need?

What you primarily need for Ragnar’s Top-Knot hairstyle is the length at the top. The sides are shaved anyway, so the length on top is important, whether you braid it like Ragnar or not.

Or, if you want this style on top but don’t have the length, you will need a good dose of patience to let it grow! You can still get the undercut done on the sides while the top is growing, granted your hair is not super-short on top. Ask your barber and they will steer you in the right direction.

What Do I Ask My Barber?

The easiest thing is to show the pictures of the style to your barber, but so you understand the ‘specifics’:

Undercut on the Sides and Back (Skin, Zero or 0.5)Top Left Long (Untouched) Unless It Needs A Trim

Keep in mind your hair may be too short on top to get the undercut without it looking silly.

Ask your barber and they can give you some options until it is long enough.

Ragnar’s Other Hair Styles

Buzz On Top with Skin on The Sides

Another Tough Look. The sides are kept the same as the man bun braids, but the top is buzzed.


Ragnar’s beard has always stayed throughout the whole show, even when he shaved all of his hair off. Vikings have always been known to have beards.

Ragnar’s beard is quite rugged, un-kept and definitely seems like it could do with a few drops of beard oil!

Another thing to note, is that similar to his hair, extensions were added to his beard to add to the effect/length.

This is obviously due to the fact that in the Viking days, there were no professional barber-shops to drop into for a sharp beard trim like there is nowadays! And they wouldn’t of cared for how dry their beards were either.

If you want that look then by all means, go for it. After all, if you want the Ragnar look, you may as well go all out right?

What to Ask Your Barber?

For the Ragnar beard style, you don’t want too much off and not have it too ‘sharp’. Instead you want to go for a more natural look, just enough to make it look a little neater and give it some shape and give the moustache a trim as it can be annoying.  Your barber will understand.

Or, you can trim it yourself. That is up to you….

Where can I get the Ragnar Style?

It is a pretty straightforward style for most barbershops to do. If you are in the South-East Melbourne area, feel free to drop down and visit us here at New York Barbers. Any of our talented barbers are happy to help with your Ragnar-Inspired Hair and Beard style, or any style for that matter.

You can even grab a coffee while you’re at it from one of our awesome baristas!

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Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of #BarberTalk on Ragnar’s Style from the Vikings Series!

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