How To: The Tony Stark Beard

Here at New York Barbers, we are on a roll at the moment with inspiration from Avengers characters, and in this weeks edition of #BarberTalk by New York Barbers we present you Tony Stark and his famous beard style. We are going to explain exactly what it is, how to grow it and how to trim it. 

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Played by Robert Downey, Jnr) wears a very particularly sculpted beard in the Iron Man and Avengers movie series, and Robert also wears this beard outside of his character in the movie. It is one of the most famous beard styles from a movie character!

The Beard

Tony Stark's beard is a variation of the “Van Dyke” Beard Style, which consists of a disconnected moustache and a goatee with the cheeks clean shaven. Starks beard is exactly that, but with a bit of added spice.

That ‘spice’ comes from the goatee, which joins into the soul patch and the edges extend halfway along the jawline and then point up at the ends on either side.

There are slight differences (where the points may join) on some occasions/movies, but for the most part it stays like this.


The 1st and most important step to getting the Tony Stark beard is having a thick facial hair growth in the moustache and goatee area. If you don’t, you or your barber will have a difficult time trying to achieve the same style.

Below are some examples, where the beard growth is not there or thick enough to match the Tony Stark Beard Style but as you can see, there are similar options to go for. 

Robert Downey Jr has a thick growth in that area which allows him to create those sharp edges. If your beard is patchy, doesn’t fully grow or is light in that area, it will not work!

But, you can always have your own variation of it, based on your beard growth.


It is definitely not to easiest style to trim by yourself and even for us barbers it can sometimes be a fiddly one as well (this is why having the thick beard growth is key!)

Start by making sure your facial hair isn’t too long, or else you will loose the sharpness of the edges.

Barbers Tip: Use a beard trimmer to create the shape and then shave with razor or electric shaver. If not, you can just use either the beard trimmer or razor itself.

Moustache: Disconnect from the rest of the goatee. Also you can trim above the moustache to make it thinner/sharper (but this also means more maintenance) 

Soul Patch: Angle it in, like an hourglass.

Chin\Goatee: Line it so it travels above the jawline and then points inwards at the halfway mark. Trim just below that, underneath the jawline.

The alternative to trimming it yourself is coming in to the barbers. It can be a difficult style to trim yourself as we mentioned before. As long as you’ve got the thickness and density you should be fine. Everyone’s hair is different but your barber should be able to get it close enough or offer a similar alternative based on your facial hair!

Here at New York Barbers we are happy to help get you a Tony Stark Beard Style or something similar. Hair, Beard or Shave, we’ve got you covered in our New York-themed barbershop at 30 Adams Lane, Berwick VIC 3806.

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