New York Barbers 2020 Awards Night

Our annual awards night sees both New York Barbers and our new hot dog diner, Downtown Dogs, as well as our ladies hair salon located in Berwick, Fallachi Hair, come together to celebrate the year and reward our team for their efforts.

It has been a tough year, for everyone, with the COVID-19 pandemic. The hair industry was greatly affected as restrictions rolled in, and eventually we had to close during Stage 4 restrictions. We were finally able to open back up again in October and our team has done a great job of adapting to the 'COVID normal'.

Everyone has done an outstanding job this year given the circumstances and have really grown as a team!

As well as a celebration, the Awards Night is an opportunity to reward the team for their hard work.

The 'Staff Recognition' award is one that is voted by the team, and each team member has given 1-3 votes to fellow team members based on who they feel has contributed, inspired, improved, been a leader, and everything in between to be recognised for their efforts.

This year's winner was Shannon for the 2nd year running, with 34 votes. Congratulations and well done Shannon for your efforts this year!

Then we have the 'Brand Award'. This award is presented to an individual who, throughout 2020, has displayed Trust, Strength, Consistency, and Leadership - representing the brand in a commendable way and representing what New York Barbers is all about.

This year we could not choose between two people, so both James & Megan were awarded with this years brand award! Amazing job by James & Megan this year.

Now with the addition of our Hot Dog Diner, Downtown Dogs, we had another brand award this year, and this was awarded to Georgia. Well done Georgia for your outstanding work in the diner since we have opened it!

Thank you to our sponsors of the Brand Award, Alfaparf Milano once again this year!

Last but not least, the 'Hall of Fame' award. The Hall of Fame Award is awarded to team members who have provided long service and contribution to the business. They will be inducted into the ‘Hall of Fame’ and will receive this prestigious award.

This year, our 'Hall of Fame' inductee was Glenn! Thank You to Glenn for your contribution and great work over the years at New York Barbers.

Big thank you to iCandy Scissors Australia for sponsoring our Hall of Fame award!

Thank You and congratulations to the entire team from New York Barbers & Downtown Dogs for your outstanding efforts this year. Here's to 2021!

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