Should I Shave my head while in isolation? A Barber’s Advice

The world is going through a crazy time at the moment, something many have never been through before. With work, travel, social distancing and public gathering restrictions just to name a few, many people are stuck at home and self-isolating.

Barbershops and Hair Salons are allowed to remain open in Australia currently, however some are closed and some people do not want to go to a barber or salon to get their haircut for health reasons which is very understandable during this time.

However, with everyone at home (and hair still growing), boredom arises, boredom leads to experiments, experiments lead to shaving your head! This is a trend we have noticed as of late.

But is it a wise decision? Keep reading to see a Barber’s Perspective in this edition of #BarberTalk by New York Barbers.

There are a couple of negative outcomes that can happen from shaving your head at home:

- Instant Regret: The hair comes off and you realise you look like a bowling ball or an egg.

- It may end up a disaster. Patchy, some parts longer than others – just a disaster in general.

However, although there are positives of shaving your head at home during isolation:

Don’t Like it? Nobody will see it anyway!

So, you’ve decided to experiment, shaved your head and now you look like a freshly polished bowling ball now. Or, maybe it looks good on you and you have found a new style.

Either way, on the plus side: You are not really leaving the house for much anyway right now, and only those in your household will be seeing that freshly shaved head of yours! The same goes if it ends up a disaster. Wear a hat or beanie to the shops and back – no one will know what’s under there!

Your mates can’t make fun of you at the pub, club, work or school, so you’re pretty much safe. By the time you can see them again you will hopefully of had a decent amount of hair grown back!

This is a great opportunity to start from scratch!

Although you may be left with very little hair now, it is the perfect time to start from scratch! Think of it as a hair-refresh.

That part line or undercut we have been telling you to grow out in these blogs over the last year? It’s gone now! You can now gradually grow your hair into a different style. The undercut that would of taken ages to grow out or the line that also would take a while to disappear are gone now. You can pop into the barbers when you can and start cutting the sides as the top grows into your desired style.

It is an effective way to keep your hair cut short whilst you can’t make it to the barber.

It may not be your preferred style of choice, but if you are one that cannot stand it once your hair starts to grow longer, touch your ears and get in your eyes, the buzz it a good way to stop you going insane until you can visit your barber when this madness calms down!

With that being said, how short should you go if you decide to don the buzz cut for your time in isolation?

We would recommend anything from a #1-#4 guard length. Anything above this will be more difficult to cut the hair evenly and will not be as clean of a cut.

Check out the below images for reference. Just keep in mind that different lengths with look different on certain hair colour, texture and density.

If you want to have a go of the buzz cut and not sure what length to cut it at, feel free to send us a message on our Facebook page or send us an email: and we will help you out!

#1 Guard

#2 Guard

#3 Guard

#4 Guard

We still remain open for business here at NYB, however, we understand that some customers prefer to stay at home just to be safe during this time, so we are here to help out and give you some valuable info on how to take care of your grooming needs at home!

Meanwhile, be sure to follow us on our socials to keep up to date with everything or ask a question at New York Barbers:



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