18.21 MAN MADE Care Package

The 18.21 Man Made Care Package. The ultimate grooming gift for the man in your life this christmas.


This gift pack has a total RRP of $217.00! Get it today for only $179.95!


This gift pack includes:


1 18.21 WASH - 3 in 1 (Shampoo, Conditioner & Bodywash)

1 18.21 Hair Product (Choose from: Paste, Clay, Wax or Pomade)

1 18.21 Shave Glide (can be used as a pre shave lotion, shave gel as well as a post shave lotion)

1 Omega Professional Shave Brush 

1 OSMA Alum Stone

1 Merkur Safety Razor

1 Derby Premium Blades (5 blades)


Each product, in depth:


18.21 WASH: This premium, all-in-one body wash from 18.21 Man Made does the work of three products - offering fortified shampoo, luxurious conditioner, and great smelling body wash that deeply cleanses while being gentle. Choose from two masculine fragrances: Sweet Tobacco or Spiced Vanilla. 


18.21 Hair Products (Choose 1)


CLAY: Soft Hold, Medium Shine Hair Paste for Molding a Smooth, Detailed, Natural Looking Hairstyle.


WAX: High Hold, Low Shine Hair Wax for Manipulating, Shaping and Defining a Frizz-Free Textured Hairstyle.


POMADE: Medium Hold, High Shine Pomade for sculpting Classic, Refined and Long Lasting, High-Shine Styles.


PASTE: Medium Hold, No Shine, Hair Clay for Shaping a Thick, Natural Looking Hairstyle.


18.21 Shave Glide: 3 IN 1 - Pre Shave, Precision Shave and Post Shave lotion. All in One. Featuring a full range of benefits to make your routine easier, this is a clear gel that will allow you to perfectly see where you need to shave, so you can better edge beards and mustaches, line sideburns, and clean up neck areas. Doesn’t need water - just smooth on and shave off.


Omega Professional Shaving Brush: Professional Synthetic Shave brush designed to create a rich lather and premium shave. 


OSMA Alum Stone: Osma Alum Stones are made from a 100% natural crystal. Alum is a well-known astringent mineral which has been used as a cosmetic for more than 2000 years.The Alum stone will allow you to stop any small cut produced during shaving or close any open pore, which makes it perfect to seal the skin after you shave & Will last you a very long time.


Merkur Safety Razor: German Soligen Steel Safety Razor. Holds a double edge blade and it perfect weight allows for a super clean shave.


Derby Premium Blades: Uses Swedish steel and a combined coating of chromium-ceramic-platinum-tungsten and polymer for extreme comfort and optimal performance. 


Please note that we are able to create customised gift packs as well! Please contact us to do this. 


18.21 MAN MADE Care Package

$217.00 Regular Price
$179.95Sale Price
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